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At S&S Towing, we pride ourselves in implementing a customer friendly towing process to remove vehicles that create a nuisance to management or interfere with the benefits provided to residents or customers.


S&S Towing ensures parking availability through constant enforcement of a property’s parking regulations. And, by providing quality services, we help promote a property’s curb appeal, thus increasing occupancy rates for residential clients or parking turnover for commercial customers.


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S&S Towing Technology

Property Manager Portal

Client Portal for Property Managers helps to provide you with real-time details about the parking enforcement happening on your property.

Photos of Vehicles

Ever had a tenant who’s frustrated their car got towed “wrongfully?” Have access to real-time photos and videos of the violation and tow with inalterable time, date, and location stamps.


See all recently performed actions on your property. Access individual tickets easily and quickly view photos.

Violation Lookup

Looking for a specific violation? Search for vehicles by violation keyword.

Do Not Tow List

Creating a Do Not Tow will add vehicles to a list that are blocked from all parking enforcement actions.

Request a Tow

No phone calls needed. Simply request a tow through our cloud-based property manager portal or mobile application.

Private Property Impound Violations


Some property management companies have a strict policy of no commercial vehicles allowed in the parking lots. This if a commercial vehicle is found on a community that enforces this violation, that vehicle is subject to tow.


Any vehicle parked in such a way that it is blocking dumpster areas is subject to tow.

Expired Meter

When a meter runs out of the permissible parking time. The car parked at the meter is now in violation of the parking laws and may be subject to tow.

Expired Permit

When a permit is no longer valid by management or after a certain time period. The vehicle displaying the permit is now in violation of the parking laws and subject to tow.

Expired Registration

Vehicles displaying an expired temporary tag or license plate are subject to tow.

Expired Visitor Permit

When a visitor permit is no longer valid by management or after a certain time period. The vehicle displaying the permit is now in violation of the parking laws and subject to tow.

Failure to Display Registration

When a vehicle does not display a month and year sticker on their tags or on their windshield thus showing those tags or registration is valid.

Fire Lane

Any vehicle parked in such a way that it is blocking a fire hydrant or alongside a yellow or red painted curb or spaces is subject to tow.

Future Resident

Designating spaces for future residents allows the management company to reserve spaces for potential residents to park and visit the property. These spaces are commonly reserved during the leasing office business hours and after hours are open for residents or visitors. Vehicles remaining in these spaces without conducting business with the leasing office are subject to tow. This violation is commonly requested by property managers, but can also be enforced during the first 15 minutes of the leasing office business hours.

Handicap Parking

All vehicles parked in a designated handicap space without displaying in plain view a placard in the windshield or a handicap license plate are subject to tow. *S&S Towing Policy - Any vehicle displaying a handicap placard or tag shall not be towed for any violation.


A vehicle identified as being stored and not driven, thus occupying a parking space for a time period set by the management company is subject to tow.

Leaking Oil, Flat Tire or Working on a Vehicle

Vehicles that become eyesores for a property management company are commonly identified by leaking oil, flat tires or sitting on blocks due to a resident working on a vehicle are subject to tow. These vehicles are tagged prior to their removal to allow residents a brief period of time to fix the problem, usually 72 hours.

Manager Request

Any requested task issued by the management company or manager of a contracted property. These tasks can range from having a car towed to sticking a vehicle. All management requests have a 24-hour completion policy. Penalties and fines will be assigned to those failing to properly notify an individual of a management request as well as not fulfilling the said request.

Multiple Spaces

A vehicle that is over the line by more than the width of its tire is subject to tow.

No Overnight Parking

This is a common rule enforced on commercial parking lots, which applies after the business is closed and, there are to be no vehicles on the lot after hours. Vehicles not authorized to be on the lot overnight are subject to tow.

No Permit

For properties with a parking permit program in place, a vehicle not displaying a valid parking permit or displaying an altered permit is subject to tow.

Reserved Commercial Space

On residential properties, management may want all residents or visitors during commercial vehicles to park in certain spaces or on a certain section of the property. Violators parking outside of the prescribed area may be subject to tow.

Resident Parked in Visitor

Where visitors spaces are scarce on a property and in high demand, they must be made accessible to all visitors, thus residents should not utilize these spaces. Occasionally, residents may hold a visitor space for their visitor or use that visitor space as an additional parking space for themselves - this is a violation and the resident is subject to tow.

Reserved Space

When properties assign parking spaces to individual apartment units or businesses. Vehicles not belonging to the assigned unit or business are in violation and subject to tow. Prior to impounding a vehicle in violation, drivers must verify space ownership with the claimant.

Visitors Only

Communities may designate sections of the parking lot to be used as a visitors only section whereby residents are not allowed to park in these designated areas. Visitors are the only vehicles allowed in these sections. This allows residents of the community to have the best and most convenient parking spots on the property. Visitors parked outside of the designated section are subject to tow.


When a vehicle owner parks in a parking spot, but then walks off the property conducting no business or visiting a resident. On a commercial lot we must witness the walk-off, however on a residential properties with parking permits this violation is easily enforceable as the vehicle will not have a permit, but should a property not have a parking permit program in place, we must witness the walk-off.


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